Range Status Information

Outdoor Range Open Normal Hours 4/16/2021
Outdoor Range Open Normal Hours 4/17/2021
Spring Cleanup Day 4/18/2021 -- Range Closed Until Finished:  Please come out and lend a hand to get the work done, and we'll reopen when it is finished.

Red Flag Map
Accuweather Current Conditions

Notice: If a red-flag warning goes into effect, or the Fire Danger climbs to Extreme the range will be closed. 

High and Very High Fire Dangers will be evaluated on a day-by-day basis.

Last Updated: 16-April 2021 10:01 a.m.


To those of you who came out, thank you for attending the annual meeting of your club.  Election results:

1 Year Term
Erik Lehner: President
Wes Thomas III: Vice-President
Pat Bailey: Treasurer
Tami Ware: Recording Secretary
Paul Oster: Membership Secretary

The following directors were elected to serve a 2 year term.
Tyrell Smestad
Dave Smith
Rod Vaage

Jason New was elected to complete Tami's unfinished term after her position was vacated due to her promotion to Recording Secretary, and will serve until the annual meeting in 2022..

Welcome to the Minot Rifle and Pistol Club! Located in the beautiful Trestle Valley, just minutes west of Minot, North Dakota. Our facilities include a 25 yard, 12-lane indoor range with classroom and amenities; 120 acres outdoor range complete with multiple shooting bays for pistol and longer range rifle bays.

Upcoming Events

USPSA -- January 9th 9am
Ladies Night: January 21st 7pm
MultiGun -- January 24th 9am
Juniors (8am) Jan 9,16,23,30

Business Meeting: Jan 7th 7pm
New Members (7pm) Jan 6,13,20,27

Ladies Night: Feb 18th 7pm
Multigun: Feb 28th 9am
Juniors (8am) Feb 6,13,20,27

Business Meeting: Feb 4th 7pm
New Members (7pm) Feb 3,10,17,24

USPSA - March 14
Ladies Night: March 18th 7pm
Multigun: See you at the gunshow instead
Juniors(8am): March 12,20,27

ND State Jr Olympics: March 6-7
SASS RO 1: March 13th
Gunshow: March 27-28

April 2021

Business Meeting -- 1st
Jr. Buffalo -- 4th (Practice Only)
Ladies Night 7th (Wednesday)
SASS -- 10th
USPSA -- 17th 12:30pm Indoor Range
Annual Meeting -- 15th
Juniors -- 3rd, 17th
Outdoor Range Closed April 18th -- Spring Cleanup Day // Reopens when finished, come out to assist and we can open that much quicker.
Multigun -- 25th

Juniors End-of-Season Party 24th

May 2021

Sunday May 2nd 12PM -- Junior Buffalo // Upper Range
Wednesday May 5th 6PM -- Family Night // Upper Range
Thursday May 6th 7PM -- Business Meeting // Indoor Range Classroom
Saturday May 8th 12PM -- SASS Match // Lower Range
Sunday May 12th 9AM -- USPSA Match // Lower Range
Wednesday May 19th 6PM -- Family Night // Upper Range
May 21st-28th -- Various NRA Training // Indoor Range (See Calendar)
Saturday May 22nd 10am -- Buffalo Match // Upper Range
Sunday May 23rd 9am -- Multigun Match // Upper & Lower Range

New Member Meetings on Wednesdays: 5th, 12th, 19th
No New Member Meeting on Wednesday the 26th

Todo: June

Todo: July

Todo: August

Todo: September

Todo: October

Todo: November

Todo: December

Visiting The Range:

Outdoor range use is for members and their guests with passes only.  

Indoor range use is for members and the general public. 

Visitors are welcome during open functions such as scheduled classes, competitions and events. 


Are you an NRA member?

If not, or you need to renew, PLEASE so do. The NRA needs out support to fight for our gun rights. Click on the logo to register. Thank you.

Outdoor Range Hours:

All shooting activity must halt at sundown or 8:00PM.  There is to be NO SHOOTING after sunset or 8:00PM  

All Guests must be pre-registered, and in possession of a valid guest pass before heading to the range.  

Any member escorting un-registered guests or shooting after 8:00PM is subject to disciplinary proceedings which could result in suspension or termination of membership.

Outdoor Range Hours for Today:

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