Outdoor Range

Range is Open 7 Days a Week

  1. Range Hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00PM (Or Sunset Whichever Comes First)
  2. Shooting before 8:00 AM or After 8:00PM is prohibited.
  3. Shooting before Sunrise or After Sunset is also prohibited.
  4. Adhere to the range rules. Do not shoot unauthorized targets and CLEAN UP when you are finished shooting.
  5. DO NOT shoot targets such as glass bottles, propane tanks, TV sets, or other junk on the range. These leave debris on the range which makes maintenance – such as grass cutting – difficult and potentially dangerous. Members caught shooting such items are subject to disciplinary measures such as suspension or revocation of their membership. It is also possible that, under egregious conditions, criminal charges could be pursued.
  6. Get the name and/or identification (license plate # can help) of those doing damage to the range and report them to the Board. They WILL take action!  Email the information to membership@minotrifleandpistol.com and we'll take it from there, please include your contact information in case we have any questions.
  7. SHOTGUNS are ONLY ALLOWED in the 3 pistol pits.  (An exception is allowed only during sanctioned competitive events.)
  8. Do not loan your membership card to ANYONE! Do not bring guests to the range unless they have purchased a proper guest pass and you are physically with them at the range. Anyone caught on the range without proper authorization is subject to possible arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass. Any member enabling such actions is potentially subject to loss of membership privileges.

Remember:  This is YOUR range. Please help us keep it clean and usable for the benefit of ALL members. 

As a reminder to members:

1) Treat every gun as if it was loaded;
2) Be sure of your target and what is behind it;
3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.



Outdoor Pictures

Action Pistol area Lower Range Firing Line Lower Range Front Gate General Shooting Lower Range Lower Range Lower Range from Afar Pistol Pit Pistol Pit / Upper Range Upper Rifle Range