Planning Committee 

The Long Range Planning Committee is where we brainstorm for future ideas for the club.  All members are welcome, and encouraged to attend.

This committee is the birthplace of many of the improvements you have seen around the club in the last couple years.   Steel targets out to 700 yards, new concrete benches and firing lines on the upper and lower rifle ranges, safety improvments such as raising the height of the safety birm in fall 2015.

Some of the ideas we have been discussing are access control improvments, indoor range improvments, covered firing lines and tables for the pistol pits, security cameras, and many others.

We really do want input from our members and would love to see you there.

 Upcoming Meetings

11/21/2017 7:00pm TBD (Thanksgiving week may be cancelled)
12/18/2017 7:00pm TBD (Close To Christmas, may be cancelled)