Concealed Carry

Due to the large number of changes in North Dakota Law, much of the information on this website was no longer accurate.   Please visit the Office of the Attorney General's website for up to date information regarding CW permits.

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The Truth About The Right To Carry Concealed

Suzanna Gratia on the meaning of our 2nd Amendment Rights

Bismarck Tribune - 7/27/2004

Iraq veteran Chris Seil reacted immediately when he heard shattering glass followed by a woman's scream outside his Bismarck, N.D., home. Retrieving a handgun, he went outside and confronted a 19-year old, who then fled. Seil chased him down and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. The suspect was later charged with several offenses, including burglary and terrorizing.

Penn & Teller on the meaning of our 2nd Amendment Rights


Grand Forks Herald - 10/15/1997

After his son alerted him to a gunfight in progress near their home, Michael McIntee of Towner, North Dakota, grabbed a .22-250 rifle and went to investigate. He found a county sheriff wounded and a man threatening to kill a woman and two children. Believing the sheriff dead, McIntee fired once, hitting the man. The woman began to flee, and the man shot at her. McIntee fired once more, stopping the attack. The man, who turned out to be the woman's ex-husband, then turned his own gun on himself. He had a history of spousal abuse and violence. McIntee said, "My goal was to prevent him from killing her and the kids."


Ted Nugent on the meaning of our 2nd Amendment Rights

The Bismarck Tribune - 6/17/1988

With his wife screaming at an intruder hiding in their Bismarck, ND home - Hal Peterson grabbed an unloaded revolver from a gun cabinet and ordered the man out. When the stranger lunged at him, Peterson slapped his hand away with the gun barrel, then stepped back and cocked his pistol. The man fled. Police captured a suspect a short distance away, recovering a $5,000 ring belonging to Peterson's wife and charging the individual, who had been released from jail the day before, with two felony counts of burglary.

Alan Keyes on the meaning of our 2nd Amendment Rights


The Bismarck Tribune - 3/26/1986

Asleep in his isolated rural home near Fort Yates, N. Dak., Dick Barrett was awakened when both front and back doors crashed in and four men appeared, threatening his family with clubs and axes. But Barrett grabbed his revolver, and when the fight was over one intruder was dead, two of them were wounded, and the Barretts were unharmed.


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